Compliance and Directives

Compliance and Directives

Switches Unlimited is an independent distributor of electronic components. We do not manufacture any of the material that we sell.

Any information provided by Switches Unlimited concerning the Conflict Mineral Reports/CMRT, Reach or RoHS status of a component has been provided based upon our best effort to provide accurate information obtained from the manufacturer's web site, data sheet, or other information provided by the manufacturer.

The information provided is a technical service and research aide for our valued customers in their pursuit of compliance and does not represent or certify in any way a guarantee by Switches Unlimited regarding the chemical content or manufacturing process of any specific component. In most instances the specific chemical content of a component or its manufacturing process, is the sole intellectual property (IP) of the original manufacturer and therefore may be modified or revised at any time.

We service our valued customers by providing electronic components that are typically designed and defined by their engineers. The engineers designing the system have the responsibility for creating the system, defining its environmental compliance and ensuring its environmental compliance. Please understand that because Switches Unlimited is a distributor we are not in the position nor can make any additional declarations, analysis or confirmation on any original manufacture Conflict Mineral Reports/CMRT, Reach or RoHs compliance report.

Switches Unlimited is committed to global environmental solutions that enable our customers, suppliers and organization to meet the challenges and guidelines of global environmental compliance. We will make our best efforts to provide you with current information and are committed to assist you in your efforts to comply with these directives.


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