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Switches Unlimited has over five decades of experience and is a leading authority on electromechanical and automation controls; we have a large product selection available for new design or replacement; our technical expertise provides the assistance needed to complete component and factory upgrades at affordable solutions.

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57 Years in Business
Switches Unlimited specializes in new panel design, automation controls and the replacement of obsolete switching components. We offer an extensive se... More »

NKK Switches’ OLED SmartDisplay™ and SmartDisplay™
Brilliant, wide viewing angle with a high contrast resolution format that yields superior clarity and quality. OLED SmartSwitch, SmartDisplay, and Ro... More »

CIT Illuminated Indexing Switch
CIT Relay & Switch AS Series Illuminated Indexing Switch is RoHS Compliant, available in SPDT and DPDT with 90° indexing and DPDT with 45° ind... More »

EAO Multi-Tone Sound Module
EAO’s new TSI PRM sound module helps persons of reduced mobility. The new Series 56 MTSM (Multi-Tone Sound Module) can be programmed to emit cle... More »

NKK, DSB Series of sensor mercury free tilt switch
DSB Series environmentally friendly switches are engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches and are ideally suited to meet product safety con... More »

Idec Contrast Sensor
The TL46 digital contrast sensor is characterized in terms of resolution, definition and precision of the light spot emitted by RGB LEDs, fast respons... More »

Miniature Magnetic Cylinder Sensor
TURCK’s line of magnetic cylinder position sensors now includes the BIMUNR, a miniature sensor designed to mount within C-groove cylinders - no ... More »

Series 61 E-Stop Offers a very Small Footprint
EAO’s new Series 61 E-Stop products has a efficient modular design with a 16mm mounting. It is compact and ideal for situations where space is ... More »

AF Contactor Systems Save Space, Lower Maintenance Cost
ABB’s AF contactors use 30% less panel space because of their ability to close couple with overloads, disconnects and breakers. Their magnet on ... More »

2-inch Stainless Steel Incremental Encoder for Harsh Environments
Kübler by TURCK has expanded its encoder line to in include a 2-inch incremental encoder with a completely stainless steel housing and Viton seal... More »

Ultra Thin Timers, 5A DPDT Contacts
SSAC leaps into the market leadership position by releasing its redesigned CT-D range of 35mm DIN rail mounting time delay relays. Using recently adde... More »